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PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2010 9:50 am    Post subject: TOSS 2010: Quarterback Challenge Reply with quote

Quarterback Challenge
a) $1 from every fee collected will be placed in a pool that shall be referred to as the Quarterback Challenge pool (QBCP).
b) The QBCP will be awarded on the third of every three week cycle according to the cycle as established in the Schedule of Events
c) Only players participating in every event of a three week cycle shall be considered eligible for a share of the QBCP for that cycle.
d) The QBCP pool will be divided into up to four (4) sub pools, each sub pool ideally containing an equal number players, and the sub pools will be known as the A, B, C, and D pools.
e) The minimum pool size shall be four (4) players.
f) Players will be divided into pools according to their handicaps.
g) Players without handicaps before the third round will, by default, be grouped into the top pool. The coordinator can, at their discretion, place players without handicaps in other pools if doing so does not put other players in that pool at an anticipated disadvantage, and if doing so provides for the creation of a greater number of pools.

2 Creation of Pools
a) The coordinator will strive to create the maximum number of pools conforming to the limitations above.
b) Pools are formed by determining cutoff handicaps. All players with the cutoff handicap or lower move to the more competitive pool.
c) The preferred method of assigning players to pools is to determine the maximum possible number of pools for the number of QBCP eligible players and assigning cutoffs that maximize the number of pools, given the limitations above.
d) Ideally, the pools will be created by determining the median handicap of the players eligible (players without handicaps being assigned a handicap of 0 unless placing them in another pool is otherwise advantageous), with those players at or below the median forming the A and B pools, and those above forming the C and D pools. Of the A and B pool players, the median is taken again, and the A and B pools set. The process if repeated for the C and D pools.
e) Because multiple players may have identical handicaps, rigidly setting cutoff handicaps may move a larger number of players into a higher pool, and reduce the number of pools because there are no longer four eligible players left to create another pool. In this case, the determination of a cutoff may take any form that provides the maximum number of pools, each pool having at least the minimum number of players, provided it conforms to the specifications above.

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