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Paul Bourgeois
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Following my posting the final results and announcing last Tuesday's winners, one player asked to review his score card. I had kept these from Tuesday's round, and obliged.

The player indicated that on reviewing his game, he could not account for the score that was submitted for him. On reviewing the scores marked on the score card he noted that his score on 18 had been incorrectly recorded. A score of four was indicated where he had actually scored a five.

Under the scoring rule (804.03), this score would be allowed to stand without appeal. The following rationale provides my interpretation:

Each TOSS round is, in and of itself, a single-round tournament. The QB challenge may appear to extend this to a 3-round tournament for participants. However, those who don't play in all three rounds are not disqualified or penalized for not participating as would be necessary under the rules of disc golf. This is because the QB challenge is not a 3-round tournament. The first two rounds are used to provide a stroke-by-stroke accounting of aggregate scores for those participants who then compete for the lowest aggregate in a single final round event. This is what allows us to include players in TOSS events who are not part of the QB challenge. I feel that to handle it in any other way would be formal to the point of being excessively restrictive. TOSS is meant to be inclusive.

The QB challenge has been designed to feel like a three-round tournament, but it is not a three-round tournament.

Because the evening awards had been distributed and no other appeal had been received, penalty throws could no longer be assessed. Posting the scores and announcing the winners was the final act in declaring the round complete.

In response, the player asked to be disqualified. He felt that accepting the score would amount to cheating, particularly where he was likely to be competitive in the QB challenge. Cheating is identified explicitly as grounds for disqualification. The rules do not establish limits on when a player may be disqualified.

In summary, this player learned after the fact that his score did not contain a true account of his round.
He found, after completion of the event, that a score had been incorrectly recorded on the score card, even though he did not record it.
He identified the error but it was too late to be penalized under the rules.
Knowing that a true account of a round of golf is paramount to the integrity of the game and the player, he disqualified himself.

I accept this course of action and will recalculate the scratch and slope values for the round before the next TOSS event. A refreshed set of golf handicaps will be posted following the correction.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is all very honourable and the honesty is appreciated. I recall the player telling me his score(the correct one) after the round and noticed it had differed from your listing. I figured you'd found an error in his favour and did not think anymore about it. Since this isn't a three round tourney, it would be my preference to have this player participate in the QB challenge. We all make mistakes and in the case should not be penalized. C'mon back in.
If you can't win the event in regulation, try, try, try again.
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