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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is no anger here, Ken.

Anger, in and of itself, is an absolutely useless emotional state, often stemming from a divergence of events and the expectations we build around those events.

Because I expect there to be great shortcomings in the rules of disc golf, when they are exposed I feel no anger. Alas, I've long since abandoned any sense of surprise or wonder as it relates to things like ambiguities in the PDGA rules of disc golf.

Rather, the pragmatic side of me simply analyzes the situation, and asks, "what is it that the guys who wrote these charming little ditties were trying to do?"

It is with sadness, not anger, that I come to the conclusion that the rules of the game are not meant to make the game better from a competitive point of view. The rules do not appear to exist to challenge the golfer to a round of excellence. No, they often serve to neutralize the many challenges a disc golfer will encounter during a round of golf.

The rules appear to be written to reinforce a culture of forgiveness for ignorance of both the rules, and the nuances of those elements that define the sport.

A foot fault? That's okay. Just take your drive again.
A falling putt? No problem. Take another shot.
Did you just call me a bag of cheetoes? Gross! What did I do to deserve that? Why, this discourteous act deserves that I ask that you not to do it again.
Did that disc fall over that ledge and roll under that rock? Don't worry, you can lift it out and play it from where it's more comfortable.

None of this makes me angry. Anger would simply be wasteful. To get angry at this is to actually believe that we live in a world where the rules of disc golf properly define challenges, rather than taking them away.

The reality of disc golf is much different. It's full of do-overs, and "that's okay" encouragement. Reality has no consequences, and if there appears to be consequences, the PDGA needs to use the rules to take those away quickly.

Once you accept this reality, the rules can't make you angry.
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