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PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 10:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Captain Crunch wrote:

I didn't realize that we had the option to call some rules and not others. All the rules are there to be in play from start to finish. Foot faults are quite possibly the biggest infraction in disc golf and one of the rules that we all should be calling every time we see it. If people don't like having it called then maybe they will get out and practice. I don't have a problem calling any rule infraction and nobody should. The rules are the rules. Until the day that we have a certified official following along with each group on the course the players themselves have to take that upon themselves.

I agree.


I think the onus is on every player to make the calls. Whether that is a must or not is of no consequence as far as a I feel. It's to every players advantage to make the correct calls. The player knowing the rules will always have an advantage over the players who do not if they put them into action. This will only make the game better for everyone and give this great sport a more legitimate place among the general public.



I'm glad that you are doing your part in bringing new players along. I had no doubt that you would be like that but all the rules must be conveyed and the foot fault is extremely important. So if you are neglecting to call this rule infraction, which by your own words you are, then by no means am I lying.

I wish this wasn't such a personal "attack", but oh well. Again, I played in the highest divsions in Ottawa and the area. I didn't get out to any NT events this year as I have other responsibilities outside of DG, but my point is still the same. The players playing at the highest level of any sport should have a pretty firm grip of the rules. Playing Open is not the time to "learn" the rules. AM3 is that level. By AM2 you should know all the rules. Point is, there is no correlation between me not calling foot faults against Open players and me not wanting to teach the rules of the game to new players.

You made the following statement: "You seem to pretty gung ho about everyone following the rules and yet are not willing to help others learn the rules." I do. You made this statement without any proof and based purely on assumptions. Please don't.


My feeling is that you are an extremely competitive person and take everything to heart. I by no means in my original post meant to say that you were the only one at fault for this. As we can see from this thread, there are many here who feel guilty for calling a rule infraction. Why is that? I'm really not sure but when we don't call them we are condoning them and that is wrong and does no justice to this sport.



I also play my rounds in the HIGHEST division. I did not see you at any NT Events this year so I assume that we are both talking about playing in the highest division in our local and provincial tournaments. This can hardly compare to the highest divisions in our sport. Even at NT events there are officials on spot to make calls that the elite of our sport mess up on a constant basis. If you follow the rules forum on the PDGA site as I'm sure you do then you will know that there are rules missed at any level of event and that players at the top of this sport still don't make the proper call or any call at all. This again does not help our sport. We all need to keep improving this sport by making the corrections that are needed.

I 100% agree. I would rather think of this as a failure of the players not abiding by the rules, because they can get away with it, instead of the failure of the others not calling them on it. It's silly that you need to take a rules test before you can play in a NT event. You should have to take a rules test to just play in a PDGA event.


We all need to police them because many of the rules are difficult to decipher. We all need to police them because it is difficult to police them ourselves. That is why, as I mentioned before, two people have to call foot faults. If it was easy to police ourselves then this rule would not exist as it is written.

Not sure I follow, but it's not a worry.


I do enjoy the rules and follow them closely on the PDGA Board on a daily basis. I have frequent contact with the Rules Committee for clarification on rules interpretation when interesting scenarios show up when we play that are not clear in the rules. As you know, many of the rules in our sport could certainly use some clearing up in the language and leave much to interpretation. Many do not! The foot fault is one that is very self explanatory.

Agreed. Hence the start of 3 threads on the topic.


As mentioned above I do know the rules and follow them explicitly. I don't have any disagreement with you in the "play it where is lies category". I'm all for it. My one and only disagreement with you from the beginning has been that we need to call rule infractions when we see them. And that means all of them. That is it!

This could have been done without walking into a Club conversation and picking a fight with the one player who is trying to have players follow the rules. Saying my actions are disrespectful to the game was not necessary. Stating that I am just wrong as someone who is breaking the fundamental rules of the game because I'm not penalizing them was not necessary. This was a conversation between friends and peers and then you came in.

Everyone in Ottawa knows my stance. Everyone knows I'm watching. I know they're watching too. I don't call them, but they know I know. I would rather have a player learn to follow the rules of the game because they want too, not because I'm going to penalize them. Punishment isn't always the best way forward. Again, another value thing and I'm OK with our differences.


[b]I feel that we both want this game to be the best it can. Maybe you have been around longer than I have and you are through with being frustrated on calling foot faults. I've been called the most stubborn person in the world at times and will continue to call them when I see them. Sooner or later the frustration of the person that continues to break the rules will subside and they will get out and practice foot placement. In the meantime it will be a stroke after the first warning. Onward and upwards to a better sport.

We have the same end goal, just a different way to approach it. All good.
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