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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:46 pm    Post subject: Ettyville Superspin Championship 2018 Reply with quote

I just wanted to inform the Ottawa Disc Golf Community that we will not be running a PDGA Superspin Championship in 2018.

After a very successful and fun Series Disc Golf Quebec event, we are faced with a event calendar that has limited room (none) and any appearance of hosting anything successful (ie. over 40 players).

I'll leave some metrics that I looked at for my analysis as I know the new President is engaging in her new tenure. Nothing here is meant as a negative or a call out. It's kinda like sending out wedding invitations. You hope or expect 100% participation but it simply doesn't happen.

Assumptions 2017 and 2018 ODGC membership is 30 members (give or take a few)

2017 - Superspin
- 19 people attended
- 14 of 19(74%) were Ottawa players representing approximately 50% of the ODGC membership.
- 11 were ODGC members representing 36% of the club membership
- no Quebec players outside Capital region
- 5 out of own Ontario players

2018 - Challenge Quebec Ettyville -
- 44 People attended
- 14 of 44(32%) were Ottawa players representing approximately 50% of the ODGC membership.
- 8 were ODGC members representing 27% of the club membership
- 30 Quebec players outside Capital region

2017 - Outaouais Open (PDGA)
- 54 people attended
- 22 of 54(40%) were Ottawa players representing approximately 73% of the ODGC membership.
- 17 were ODGC members representing approximately 57% of the ODGC membership.
- 31 Quebec players outside the Capital region
- 1 out of town Ontario golfer

Some rough observations:

-expect approximately 50-60% ODGC membership attendance
-Ottawa players that attended these events as non members are appearing as ODGC members the next year YET the ODGC membership numbers remain flat. I observe that the numbers are flat because less players paying membership dues but still in the region and participating. Too few a sample to draw any hard conclusions but our events and leagues help make members. Past members enjoying all the benefits of the leagues and events without having to pay dues.
-An event on your own is hard to draw in Ontario Golfers (points to the need for the ODSA to enforce provincial qualifications and tours to be regional driven per their regions. Notice Peterborough has not hosted anything Major this year but if Ottawa and Peterborough had to qualify together they could be well attended events (50 plus players) and we could have some event stability that is Ontario supported as well
- Unless the ODSA wants to work with regions OR we grow the membership base in Ottawa significantly then Quebec is the answer to a successful event (50 plus players)
- we are seeing around 30 Quebec players coming to the region to support their series making up somewhere between 55 to 68 percent of the player field

edit: adding on more observation

-ODGC has a lot more masters and Gmaster then Quebec but way less or almost no AM2 players and Quebec has lots. They are growing. We are aging.

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