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TOSS Frequently Asked Questions
What is TOSS?TOSS is a series of disc golf events consisting of 18 rounds of disc golf broken down into six (6) consecutive three-round tournaments.
When does it run?TOSS is a weekly competitive event that runs from May through August.
Where do these events take place?TOSS events are played in both private and public access courses throughout the National Captial region. Six of the 18 events are held in the west end (in Kanata and on a private course near Stittsville), six are held at Camp Fortune, and six are held in the east end (in Ettyville, near Bourget).
Who can play disc golf on Tuesdays?TOSS is open to anybody that wishes to participate in a competitive disc golf environment.
What is it like to play a TOSS event?TOSS events are competitive events: we keep track of our score, and we play by the rules of the sport of disc golf as established by the Professional Disc Golf Association. TOSS events are not PDGA events, but each one is run as a one-round informal tournament.
Do I have to be "good" to play?No! We use adjusted scores to choose winners each week. Adjusted scores are determined using golf handicaps (based on your playing history), so anyone can win regardless of their skill level. If you shoot a good round by your own standards, you stand an excellent chance of being the evening champion. In fact, if there is room for improvement in your game, TOSS is an excellent way to determine if you are becoming a better player.
What is a player handicap / golf handicap?In simple terms: when you play an 18 hole round of golf, you would likely take more strokes than a highly skilled player would. You handicap is that number: the number of strokes more than a highly skilled player would take. Everyone has a disc golf handicap after they've played at least three rounds of competitive golf with the ODGC at either tournaments or on Tuesday nights.
What if I don't have a golf handicap?
If you don't have an ODGC golf handicap, you are still welcome to participate. Your first three scores will be used to establish your golf handicap.
What does it take to win?Current members with player handicaps compete for weekly honours. Once members have a player handicap, they are able to compete for the best weekly adjusted score. Shoot what you feel is a good round for yourself, and you have an excellent chance of bring in the lowest adjusted score.
What are the 3-round mini tournaments aka the Quarterback Challenges?The 18-event season is divided into 6 mini tournaments consisting of three rounds of golf each. Any players that attend all three weeks of a Quarterback Challenge series are eligible for the Quarterback award. Up to four pools of at least four players are created according to handicap, and the player with the lowest aggregate three week score wins their pool. Players without handicaps default to the "A" pool. The first Quarterback Challenge series begins in week 1, and a new series starts every three weeks after that.
What if I miss a Quarterback Challenge event? Is there any point in still playing?Of course! The low adjusted score still wins each night. You're always in the running at TOSS. The Quarterback Challenge is simply a way of rewarding the participation of those that make it out to play all of the events in a three week span.
Who runs these events?TOSS is run by volunteers of the Ottawa Disc Golf Club. TOSS is a regular ODGC offering to the disc golf community.
Say, I'm not from Ottawa, but I'll be in town and I'd like to play. What should I do?Just show up! We'd be happy to meet you and introduce you to one of the region's signature courses. Directions are posted in each event's announcement in the Tuesday Forum. If you'd like more help, register on the forum, introduce yourself, and ask away. We're really nice people! We'll even arrange for some loaner discs if you didn't pack them. Wear better footwear than sandals, though.
So how good do I really have to be? If haven't played disc golf before, and you are looking to try it out, the ODGC offers other discovery events, including a regular Thursday recreational event that may be more appropriate for new players. You should try one of these before you attend a TOSS event. Otherwise, if you are familiar with the sport of disc golf and your interest in the game is more than just going for a walk in the park, you're likely ready to play in a TOSS event. You don't need to be "good"; you just need an interest in the game.
How are handicaps calculated?Click Here for a full explanation.
How does the Quarterback Challenge work?Click Here for a full explanation.

Details about your handicap and why it changes.
Coming into a round, I had the same handicap as someone else. We shot the same score, but now our handicaps are different. Why is this?The following applies to players with 20 rounds on record: Your handicap is a moving average based on the 10 best differentials of your 20 most recently rated rounds. Your handicaps are no longer equal because the oldest round on each record (previously your 20th round and now your 21st) is removed. If this was one of the 10 best you or the competitor with the same score as you had on record, it is no longer used to calculate your respective handicaps; unless the latest score has exactly the same differential as the one that was just retired (and the likelihood of that is very small), your handicaps are able to change by different amounts.
Do tournaments count?If the tournament is played by the rules of disc golf without mulligans, shot bonuses, or other gaming-style modifications, and your score is your own and not a doubles score, it will be used to calculate your handicap.
When do the handicap get updated?When the results are submitted and finalized. TD's must post their results with proper names associated with the scores, or (preferably) submit them electronically via a simple spreadsheet through email. They will be included within a couple of days of receipt, and before the next TOSS or tournament event if at all possible. Exception: Capital Classic results are used to validate and calibrate the handicap system. Capital Classic results are included once the PDGA posts rated round results. Tournament Directors can help with this by submitting their scores electronically to the PDGA website.

This is a living document. If you have questions or would like to suggest additions, please PM me through the forum.

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